How Some Agents Convert 3X More Leads into Clients

In a hyper-connected world, people are finding it harder and harder to effectively meet clients’ needs for instant communication on a large scale. Real estate agents have the added challenge of finding the right technologies to help them with their communication, especially today with hundreds of real estate software on the market. Agents are investing in tools they don’t know how to use to convert leads into clients.

The rise of new digital marketing strategies have helped real estate agents generate more leads than ever before; unfortunately, there seems to be nothing out there to help convert those just curious leads into actual deals. This has left real estate agents with the added responsibility of weeding through looky-loos and junk leads, wasting precious time they could be spending on working with qualified leads and closing more deals.

BoldLeads, the real estate industry leader in lead generation, launched a product that helps mend the biggest pain point with converting leads – the follow-up process.

Concierge™ converts leads into clients, giving agents more time to close deals. Agents who are using Concierge™ are converting 7% of leads into actual clients, building a viable pipeline that will help ensure their profit margins grow exponentially.  

“Concierge took my conversion rate from 2% to 14% and added another $14m in sales volume!” Erin M. from Phoenix, Ariz. has already crushed the average conversion rate with Concierge™.

Understandably, agents tend to be skeptical of anything automated. Luckily for the skeptics, Concierge™ is 100% powered by real humans, who are there to help you save time and close more deals without picking up your phone. You can take over the conversation when you’re ready to confirm your appointments.

Hiring an assistant or an ISA would cost much more money and would require time and energy spent on training. With Concierge™, you  have a friendly, U.S. based concierge that would provide instant responses to your leads. They will also focus on building long-term campaigns to nurture leads that are higher up the sales funnel.

The best part of Concierge™  is that they will convert leads from any source! You can route in your leads and have the trusted team of experienced concierge work hard to convert leads into appointments.

“I’ve gotten just over 100 leads this month and all of them have been nurtured by the concierge, saving me so much time and delivering me qualified leads when they’re ready!” said successful Concierge user Kristen H.

Save thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and convert more leads into clients. Start filling up your calendar with appointments generated by your friendly, professional concierge. Get started with Concierge™ today!