9 Ways Multimillion Dollar Agents Are Generating Leads That You Probably Aren’t…

Having a long-term pipeline of real estate business is crucial to surviving as a real estate agent. According to one real estate coach, 87% of real estate agents quit in their first five years in the business. So what are those 13% of thriving real estate agents doing to stay alive and prosper?

1.They’re running Facebook Ads. Unfortunately, you went to real estate school not business and marketing school (maybe you did, my apologies) so you may not know how to effectively run ads online. Plus, Facebook’s standards and features are changing rapidly (sometimes daily), so keeping up with the latest trends is a full-time job. Luckily there are tons of marketing companies out there that can take this burden on for you and they have run thousands of ad campaigns, so they know what works. Did you get into real estate to be in marketing? Check out this company that’s running highly effective Facebook ads to generate exclusive real estate leads for a lot cheaper than most companies.  

2. They’re using retargeting. Ever heard of retargeting? It’s a secret weapon of online lead gen that most realtors aren’t even aware of. If you’re running ads online, you need to be using retargeting to generate your audiences. This targets people who have visited your website in the past with ads online. Get started by installing a Facebook pixel in the code of your website.   

3. They’re cold calling expired and FSBOs. Yeah, we know cold calls aren’t fun. But they work and effective agents are making them. FSBOs are a good place to start since you already know they are ready to sell now, and if they’ve been on the market a while, they’re probably tired of doing all the work that goes into listing their house themselves. Try these sources for FSBO leads.

4. They’ve got deep roots in their neighborhoods and cities. Maybe you’re new to your city and you’re thinking this doesn’t apply to you. Not so fast, being a newcomer in an area is the PERFECT excuse to walk your neighborhood and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Let them know you’re a realtor and just getting started in the area. And, if you have been in the area for a while, do you know your neighbors? Do they know you’re a realtor? Try writing articles in your community newsletter, posting on NextDoor (even if it’s not real estate related, you can build Name ID this way). NextDoor is great for posting neighborhood and post recent sales, market trends and stats regularly to establish yourself as a resource.

5.They’re still using Craigslist.

6. They’re running Google Ads. Reaching people on with ads on Google is a great way to find people who may be early in their search for a new home. People searching for keywords related to home prices in their area or homes for sale in their area are a prime audience for Google ads.

7. They’re using well-designed landing pages that can actually convert. If you’re fist though is “what’s a landing page?” don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if you are running ads and directing your clicks to landing pages, are they professionally designed? Don’t waste people’s time with badly designed pages that can’t convert. BoldLeads offers a suite of landing pages that are proven to convert clicks to leads.

8. They’re active on social media. Facebook groups haven’t lost their power as network builders and hubs for information sharing. These are a great way to get exposure as a local expert. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a Facebook group, start one!

9. They’re re-engaging their old leads. If you have a database of leads you’re just sitting on, have you worked them in a while? Re-engaging leads can be a powerful way of drumming up business in the database you already have. Not sure how? BoldLeads offers re-engagement text and email blasts built into their CRM.