Genius Son And Mom Creates System For Doubling Your Listings, Industry Is In Shock!

When Realtors who want to get more listings fast visit this Bold leads website, they may be surprised that this Arizona mom created a fully automated system for doubling listings.

What if you could automate all of your lead generation activities, like social media campaigns, nurturing emails and SMS messages with one click of the button?

You say impossible? Not at all. That’s exactly what happened to Christie, Realtor in Texas.

Christine was successfully selling millions in real estate, but she wanted to increase her pipeline even more. So she decided to start generating leads on her own…

Unfortunately, after spending thousands on trying every lead generation system, Christine saw no improvements. She almost went bankrupt.

“I was afraid I may lose my business and everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve.”


The industry was full of hyped-up software, shady companies selling leads to multiple agents, and using high-pressure sales techniques to lock agents into long contracts.

This where Christie’s son Danny came into play. Having long marketing experience he saw mom’s struggles and wanted to help. At first, it was just a crazy experiment, but later it turned into one of the fastest growing companies in real estate marketing with 26 employees.

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How effective is BoldLeads, really?

Since BoldLeads is only accessible for one agent per zip code, there is a line of realtors in many areas to use this system!

In 6 months I’ve generated 267 leads and signed 8 listings so far. According to my MLS, another 20% of my leads listed with another agent, because I didn’t follow up. A realtor using BoldLeads Ephrem J. from Texas, RE/MAX said to us.

BoldLeads is a great option for Realtors that need to get more listings fast and have automated follow up set up with one click, it takes less than 15 minutes to see the demo and set up the account, so you can start getting leads”


So far, I’ve closed 23 deals from BoldLeads. I’ve had 12 listings so far in 2016. On one lead, I listed and sold his house, got a referral, and sold that house too! I cannot even tell you how happy I am! Debra D. from Keller Williams added to us.

It’s Like An Unfair Competitive Advantage For Many Realtors

Thousands of Realtors can be out of business next year, because of this disruptive technology. Smart agents are registering for a quick demo of the product, too see the value by their own eyes.

Many cut expenses by half by canceling their old services and moving to BoldLeads. Open spots may not last long that’s why the pressure is on, time-wise.

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